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Beit Aba Hushi's International Jazz Series hosting
leading jazz musicians and bands, from the international
and local jazz scene.
In collaboration with "Shamayim, Creative Music Management".   


Hot Jazz (8) 

Sat. June 23rd, 2018 at 9PM

The Gypsy Jazz


Fantine vocals (USA/ Russia/ Australia)
Swing de Gitanes 
Guest Artist  Yonantan Miller   clarinet & violin
Oren Sagi   double bass
Yaakov Hoter    gypsy guitar
Alon Sagi    gypsy guitar

Born to a Russian father and Dominican mother, Fantine is an emerging multi-talented singer-songwriter, fluent in English, Spanish, Russian and French. 
The music video of Fantine first solo single “Rubberoom” aired on Australian national television programs and was awarded “Indie Video Clip of The Week.” 

Her career skyrocketed in 2013 when she moved to Miami, and began working on her debut album, I Am Fantine, with 19-time Grammy Award winner producer Emilio Estefan and 7-time Grammy Award winner, singer songwriter Gloria Estefan (who also co-wrote two of her songs). Emilio Estefan curated and helped develop Fantine’s most popular songs, including “Bachata de Rosa” and “Reservation for Two”. In September 2014, “Reservation for Two” peaked at No. 5 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs list. 

Fantine’s undeniable talent and musical style reflects her eclectic ethnic background. Her voice is a fusion of indie and electro-soul, paired with a “swampy yet sultry” tone. Recently, Fantine shared the stage with the critically acclaimed Russian jazz saxophonist Igor Butman and also served as the opening act at the iconic Sydney Opera House.  

She will perform with the Swing de Gitanes band, which has been leading the gypsy jazz scene in Israel for the last decade, together with the guest artist – violinist and clarinetist Yonatan Miller. Yonatan was a member of successful ensembles and a year with Cirque Du Soleil, one of the most prestigious productions in Canada and the United States .He is a world-class musician/performer creating verve and artistry to every musical and artistic situation.



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