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Hot Jazz (9) 

Mon. July 16th, 2018 at 9PM

Brazilian Jazz

Ana Costa vocals (Brazil) & Chorole 

Salit Lahav,   accordion flute saxophone
   Daniel Ring,   cavaquinho
 Oded Aloni,   pandiro
Nir Shteinberg,   7 strings guitar

Ana Costa is one of the best samba singers of the present time and one of the most requested of this generation. With a successful career, the singer, composer and guitarist earning her third nomination as best samba singer at the 2016 Brazilian Music Award, being “Revelation” at the 5th Rival Petrobras Music Prize and she was considered “one of the best talents of 2006”.
uring her career, Ana has made numerous special guest appearances, including the Disney Aventure in Samba CD, where she sang alongside with renowned samba singers and the multiplatform project “Sambabook Martinho da Vila“. 
Ana began singing in 1990 and playing samba; she participated in Couer Sambá group, founded the Roda de Saia group which she was part for 11 years and performed in Mart’nália’s band, as a guitarist. 
She was able to put into practice her old desire to make a comprehensive and faithful music to Brazilian rhythms, detached from the commitment to trends or idioms, always seeking new horizons. Ana revealed her passion, tenderness, affection and gratitude for the samba world. As a composer, Ana has partnerships in her three released albums.


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